Panoramic view of the Grand Canyon West Rim during one of GCSA’s Grand Canyon West Rim Tours

Grand Canyon West Rim Tours

Experience the majesty of the Grand Canyon West Rim during an airplane, helicopter, bus, or boat tour with GCSA. Although this rim is not part of the Grand Canyon National Park, it offers just as many breathtaking views. Plus, Grand Canyon tours of the West Rim include unique activities like strolling along the glass-bottomed Skywalk bridge or combining a thrilling helicopter ride with a pontoon boat cruise along the Colorado River. West Rim Grand Canyon tours depart from Las Vegas or the West Rim itself.

Make the most of your Southwestern adventure. Book a Grand Canyon West Rim tour with Grand Canyon Scenic Airlines.

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4 hours
10 hours
Leaving from Las Vegas
Airplane flying over the Grand Canyon during one of GCSA's Grand Canyon West Rim toursHighlights over Grand Canyon

Soar across the expanse of the Mojave Desert to the Grand Canyon's West Rim in a first-rate aircraft. Sights of the Hoover Dam, the glittering waters of Lake Mead, and the Colorado River are just outside the cabin windows.

Duration: 4 hours
Starting from:
Guests walking up to a Tent on top of a Grand Canyon cliff formation at Grand Canyon West RimGrand Canyon West Experience Landing Tour

Discover the mystique of the ancient Hualapai Tribe at the Grand Canyon West. You'll see the unique vistas on an exciting airplane tour, wander the canyon's edge on foot, or even visit the Native American Cultural Village.

Duration: 7 hours
Starting from:
Helicopter landing at the bottom of the Grand Canyon West Rim during Grand Voyager TourGrand Voyager Rim to River

Discover the most unique views of the canyon from the air, land, and water! Fly via airplane to the West Rim, where a helicopter will take passengers a mile down to the canyon floor for a boat ride down the Colorado River. Ample time is provided to see the canyon views from the rim, as well.

Duration: 7 hours
Starting from:
Guano Point at SunsetWest Rim Bus Tour

Experience an all-day excursion to the Grand Canyon West aboard a luxury motorcoach, complete with climate control and plush seating.

Duration: 10 hours
Bright sunny day at Grand Canyon West Rim at the bottom of the canyon with views of a pontoon boat departing on the Colorado River on the West Rim Motorcoach with Helicopter and Boat TourWest Rim Bus Tour with Helicopter and Boat

Reach the West Rim by motorcoach with sights of beautiful desert nature along the way. You'll tour the canyon on both a dazzling helicopter flight and a serene boat ride between the canyon walls.

Duration: 10 hours
Grand Canyon West Rim

Types of Grand Canyon West Tours

Grand Canyon West Rim Airplane Tours

If you are excited by the thought of soaring over some of the most majestic landscapes in the world, bonding with your family or friends, or want to connect with other like-minded adventurers, an airplane tour of the Grand Canyon West Rim is the perfect trip for you.

During Grand Canyon airplane tours from Las Vegas, you'll enjoy fantastic aerial views of Lake Mead, the Mojave Desert, the Hoover Dam, and the breathtaking West Rim.

Since our beginning in 1927, Grand Canyon Scenic Airlines has become the largest and most experienced aerial tour operator in the world. For more than 90 years, GCSA has been setting the standard for aerial sightseeing in the Southwest. We are dedicated to providing superior service alongside unmatched strides in safety.

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Grand Canyon West Rim Helicopter Tours

Imagine the thrill of descending nearly a mile down to the bottom of the Grand Canyon aboard a state-of-the-art helicopter. During tours to the Grand Canyon West Rim, you'll do just that. Grand Canyon Scenic Airlines helicopter tours have exclusive access to land on a private plateau of the Grand Canyon floor. From there, you can hop aboard a waiting pontoon boat for a cruise along the Colorado River as the skyscraping canyon walls tower on either side.

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Grand Canyon West Rim Bus Tours

In addition to being the largest and most experienced aerial tour operator in the world, Grand Canyon Scenic Airlines also offers world-class ground tours from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon West Rim. Gaze out the window of your spacious, air-conditioned motorcoach as the Southwestern desert passes by. En route to the Grand Canyon West Rim, your bus tour will drive by the ancient Joshua Tree Forest, the Mojave Desert, the Hoover Dam, and Lake Mead before reaching the West Rim.

Once at the rim, discover fantastic canyon viewpoints at Eagle Point and Guano Point. You can also upgrade your tour to include entrance to the Skywalk bridge, a helicopter ride and pontoon cruise, or a combination of all three!

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West Rim Grand Canyon Tour FAQs

What is there to do at the Grand Canyon West Rim?

Grand Canyon West offers several exciting outdoor activities.

  • Soar through the desert skies on an airplane tour showcasing the highlights of Grand Canyon West
  • Walk 4,000 feet above the Grand Canyon floor on the glass-bottomed Skywalk bridge
  • Stand at the cliff's edge and experience a 360-degree panoramic view of the Grand Canyon West Rim at Guano Point
  • Float along the Colorado River as the skyscraping canyon walls rise on either side during a pontoon boat cruise
  • Photograph the massive rock formation that has naturally eroded to resemble an eagle taking flight at Eagle Point

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What is the difference between the South Rim and West Rim of the Grand Canyon?

Many people don't realize that the Grand Canyon has two distinct regions, or rims, of the canyon that they can tour.

The South Rim is the region of the canyon that encompasses the Grand Canyon National Park. The South Rim features the lush Kaibab National Forest and the historic Grand Canyon Village. Aerial tours of the South Rim soar over the widest and deepest parts of the Grand Canyon. Meanwhile, ground tours can take guests to world-famous lookouts like Bright Angel Point, Mather Point, Duck on a Rock, and Yavapai Point.

The West Rim is owned and operated by the Native American Hualapai Nation. In this region of the Grand Canyon, visitors can walk along the world-renowned Skywalk Bridge or visit famous lookouts like Eagle Point and Guano Point. GCSA helicopter tours have access to an exclusive landing spot at the bottom of the West Rim, allowing guests to explore the canyon floor and embark on a pontoon boat cruise of the Colorado River.

Compare Grand Canyon tours at both rims to find your perfect adventure.

Do you offer hotel pick-up and drop-off for Grand Canyon West Rim tours?

Yes! Grand Canyon West Rim tours departing from Las Vegas include roundtrip transportation to and from most major hotels in Downtown Las Vegas and on the Strip.

Is the Grand Canyon West Rim worth seeing?

We definitely think the Grand Canyon West Rim is worth adding to your Southwestern vacation. At this rim of the canyon, you can walk along the glass-bottomed Skywalk bridge, soar over the expansive canyon in a fixed-wing airplane, land on the canyon floor aboard a helicopter, and float along the Colorado River on a pontoon boat cruise.