Panoramic view of the Grand Canyon from the window of a bus tour

Bus Tours to the Grand Canyon & Beyond

In addition to being the largest and most experienced airplane tour operator in the world, Grand Canyon Scenic Airlines also offers unforgettable Southwest bus tours. Sit back and relax as a spacious, air-conditioned motorcoach transports you to the Grand Canyon West Rim, Grand Canyon South Rim, Hoover Dam, or Glen Canyon.

Each Southwest bus tour offers its own unique activities, experiences, and destinations. After arriving at your destination, fly high in a state-of-the-art helicopter, explore from the ground on a sightseeing Hummer excursion, float along the Colorado River in a pontoon boat or river raft cruise, or pick a combination. With so many options, Grand Canyon Scenic Airlines is sure to have the ideal Southwestern adventure for you.

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Best of Las Vegas Bronze Winner
4 hours 30 minutes
14 hours
Leaving from Las Vegas
A Grand Canyon landscape featuring a sunny and clear sky above.South Rim Bus Tour

Spend an entire day exploring the unforgettable sights of the American Southwest. From the air-conditioned comfort of a luxury motorcoach, enjoy views of the world-famous South Rim of the Grand Canyon with ample time for photo opportunities.

Duration: 14 hours
A Grand Canyon helicopter tour with passengers aboard flies over a forest.South Rim Bus Tour with Helicopter

Does the prospect of a helicopter ride over the most photographed section of the Grand Canyon set your heart to beating a little faster?

Duration: 14 hours
Two Buck Wild Hummers parked on the rim of the canyonSouth Rim Motorcoach Tour with Hummer

Turn your motorcoach trip to the Grand Canyon National Park into a ground tour you'll never forget when you upgrade to include a Hummer excursion! After your roadtrip from Las Vegas to the South Rim you'll arrive at the park and board a custom Hummer vehicle and travel to the best sights in the area.

Duration: 14 hours
Guano Point at SunsetWest Rim Bus Tour

Experience an all-day excursion to the Grand Canyon West aboard a luxury motorcoach, complete with climate control and plush seating.

Duration: 10 hours
The Grand Canyon West with the Skywalk Bridge in the foreground.West Rim Bus Tour with Skywalk

The jewel of the American Southwest - the Grand Canyon - awaits! Travel by motorcoach to the West Rim and find spectacular views at Eagle Point and Guano Point. You'll also have the opportunity to stand atop the Skywalk Bridge, where you can see the canyon floor a mile below you.

Duration: 10 hours
Bright sunny day at Grand Canyon West Rim at the bottom of the canyon with views of a pontoon boat departing on the Colorado River on the West Rim Motorcoach with Helicopter and Boat TourWest Rim Bus Tour with Helicopter and Boat

Reach the West Rim by motorcoach with sights of beautiful desert nature along the way. You'll tour the canyon on both a dazzling helicopter flight and a serene boat ride between the canyon walls.

Duration: 10 hours
Red EC130 Helicopter landed at the bottom of the canyon on a sunny day at Grand Canyon West on the West Rim Motorcoach with Heli, Boat, and Skywalk TourWest Rim Bus Tour with Helicopter, Boat Ride and Skywalk

This tour offers a variety of activities from helicopter and boat rides to access to the Skywalk Bridge, so you can explore the canyon from top to bottom.

Duration: 10 hours
Intake towers as seen from Arizona sideHoover Dam Bus Tour

Travel on a first-class motorcoach to one of the engineering marvels of the USA: the Hoover Dam. Stand at the top of this mammoth construction and gaze down 700 feet, then explore the inner-workings of this electrical powerhouse on a guided tour.

Duration: 4 hours 30 minutes
A red AStar Helicopter flying over the Hoover Dam, dark blue waters below. Hoover Dam Deluxe Bus And Helicopter Tour

Experience Hoover Dam with this comprehensive tour that allows you to walk along the top of the dam, explore its inner workings, and then view it by air with a breathtaking helicopter tour.

Duration: 7 hours 30 minutes
Leaving from Grand Canyon National Park
Glen Canyon Dam and arched bridge viewed from below on a river raftGrand Canyon Coach and River Trip

Float along the serene Colorado River between ancient canyon walls on this 15.5-mile rafting trip. Absorb the wild natural beauty of this magnificent landform and even drift past ancient petroglyphs carved in the canyon walls themselves.

Duration: 12 hours 30 minutes
Starting from:
The Grand Canyon alight with pink light from the setting sun.

Southwest Bus Tour Destinations

Bus Tours from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon West Rim

Hop on a state-of-the-art motorcoach from Las Vegas for a relaxing sightseeing excursion. Your air-conditioned bus will travel past the ancient Joshua Tree Forest, the Mojave Desert, the Hoover Dam, the Colorado River, and more renowned Southwestern landmarks.

Upon reaching the Grand Canyon West Rim, you'll experience breathtaking lookouts and ample time for photo opportunities. Check out scenic lookouts like Guano Point and Eagle Point.

Feel as if you're suspended 4,000 feet above the Grand Canyon floor as you walk along the glass-bottomed Skywalk bridge. Descend nearly a mile below the canyon rim to experience a helicopter landing on the bottom of the Grand Canyon. From there, embark on a pontoon boat cruise along the Colorado River. These 12-hour motorcoach tours provide ample opportunity to explore the Grand Canyon from top to bottom.

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Bus Tours from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon South Rim

Let one of GCSA's luxurious ground touring vehicles whisk you away to the famous South Rim of the Grand Canyon. This portion of the Grand Canyon makes up the Grand Canyon National Park and contains some of the most awe-inspiring and photogenic landscapes in the world.

En route to the Grand Canyon National Park, your bus tour will make a brief stop for photo opportunities of the Hoover Dam. Enjoy spectacular views of the massive structure from the bypass bridge overlooking the dam.

Once at the South Rim, you can enjoy lunch at the Visitor Center before embarking on a ground exploration of the Grand Canyon South Rim. Available upgrades to these daylong adventures include a world-class helicopter tour over the widest and deepest parts of the Grand Canyon or a Hummer tour to even more of the South Rim's breathtaking lookout points.

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Bus Tours from Grand Canyon South Rim to Page, AZ

Are you already planning a trip to the Grand Canyon National Park and want to experience even more of the world-famous Southwest landscapes? Hop on a bus tour to Glen Canyon in Page, Arizona.

During the 3.5-hour road trip to Page, your air-conditioned motorcoach will pass through the Grand Canyon National Park, the Eastern Rim, Painted Desert, and the Navajo Indian Reservation before deboarding at the raft company in Page. Journey through a 2-mile tunnel within the canyon walls to the base of Glen Canyon Dam. Once at the base of Glen Canyon Dam, you'll embark on a 15.5-mile smooth water float trip on onboard a motorized raft. Discover ancient petroglyphs on the canyon walls, float around the world-famous Horseshoe Bend, and stop at the historic Lee's Ferry.

This once-in-a-lifetime Glen Canyon smooth water bus trip is sure to be a highlight on your Southwestern vacation.

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Bus Tours from Las Vegas to Hoover Dam

Are you on the hunt for a truly immersive tour of the Hoover Dam and Lake Mead? Look no further. Bus tours are one of the best ways to experience this Engineering Marvel of the World.

Upon arrival at the Hoover Dam, you'll be given a VIP tour of the modern-day marvel's interior. During your tour of the dam's lower level, professional tour guides will educate and entertain you with facts about the dam's history and construction.

After the interior tour, there is plenty of free time to explore the visitor center and observation deck. You can also spend time at the museum or check out a short film about the construction of the Hoover Dam. For an even more memorable experience, upgrade your bus tour to include a helicopter ride over the fascinating piece of architecture. This scenic flight includes aerial views of the Hoover Dam, Colorado River, and Lake Mead.

Once your Hoover Dam adventure has come to an end, simply re-board your awaiting motorcoach and head back to Las Vegas.

Southwest Bus Tour FAQs

How much does a bus tour cost?

The price of each bus tour with GCSA is based on multiple factors.

  • The tour destination
  • The length of your trip
  • Whether there are any additional experiences/upgrades

GCSA offers bus tours to the Grand Canyon South Rim, Grand Canyon West Rim, Hoover Dam, and Glen Canyon. The price of each tour is listed conveniently on the website next to the booking location.

At GCSA, we pride ourselves on our transparent pricing. All taxes and fees, including any Hoover Dam passes and tours, are already included. No guesswork, just great prices.

Do you offer hotel pick-up and drop-off for bus tours?

Yes! If your bus tour is departing from Las Vegas, you can be picked up or dropped off by our roundtrip shuttle transportation. Hotel pick-up and drop-off is available for most major hotels in Downtown Las Vegas and on the Strip.

Do you offer customized bus tours for groups?

Absolutely! For the past 20 years, Grand Canyon Scenic Airlines has been the premier provider of Grand Canyon tours for medium and large groups. Whether you are booking a bus tour for 30 people or 300+, we have you covered.

Please contact our Group Services department at for help coordinating your group tour.