a sightseeing airplane flies over the Grand Canyon West scenery

Flight of the Condor

Visiting the Grand Canyon West? This West Rim airplane tour offers aerial views of the stunning desert landscape as well as the Colorado River, the Skywalk Bridge, and endless unique rock formations. Your luxury aircraft is designed for comfort and photography opportunities from every seat.

Departure: Grand Canyon West

Destination: Grand Canyon West

Duration: 20 Minutes

Transportation: Airplane | Shuttle

Upgrades Available: None

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This airplane tour takes visitors to the Grand Canyon West above the incredible scenery in a luxury sightseeing airplane, with daily departures from the Grand Canyon West air terminal just outside of the park. Upon arrival at the terminal, passengers will board a state-of-the-art airplane designed with climate control, plush seating, oversized windows, and noise-cancelling headsets that offer music and narration available in multiple languages. You'll discover aerial views of the West Rim's most stunning landmarks including Eagle Point, the world-famous Skywalk glass-bottomed bridge, Guano Point, the Colorado River, and the expansive desert landscape beneath you. 

Upon landing back at the air terminal, passengers will have the option to purchase entry into the West Rim to continue their exploration on the surface. Complimentary shuttle service will transport passengers to Hualapai Point, where your party can enjoy a shooting gallery, shop for authentic Native American crafts, and meet Hualapai ambassadors who will answer questions about their tribe's history. You can also visit Eagle Point, where you can also purchase entry onto the Skywalk. Another stop includes Guano Point, a stone peninsula that juts out into the middle of the canyon and offers 360-degree views of the scenery.

  • Aerial views of Grand Canyon West and the Colorado River
  • Climate-controlled cabin

Flight Duration

Approximately 20 minutes roundtrip

Time spent at the Grand Canyon

Ground duration for the rim tour is at the customer's discretion - multiple entry packages are available for purchase


Passengers check-in at the airplane terminal 30 minutes prior to the flight time. Then board and depart on the airplane for the aerial tour of the Grand Canyon.


Flight time is approximately 20 minutes with views of the Colorado River, Eagle Point, Guano Point and other points of interest in the Grand Canyon West.

Grand Canyon West Rim Tour

Return to the terminal and purchase your preferred entry pass to enter the Grand Canyon West and start the rim tour. Stops include the Hualapai Ranch, Eagle Point and Guano Point.

Hualapai Point

Hualapai Point is a Native American cultural park featuring authentic Native gifts, a restaurant serving traditional Hualapai dishes, hiking trails, a shooting gallery, and even a zipline!

Eagle Point

The enormous eagle-shaped rock formation is an incredible sight to see! Listen to the music of the Hualapai tribe and see cultural dancing while visiting Native American tribe dwellings.

Guano Point

This location provides nearly 360-degree views of the Grand Canyon, perfect for picture taking!

Return to the Grand Canyon West Terminal

After the self-guided tour, return to the terminal having experienced the Grand Canyon by air and by ground.