Discover Grand Canyon helicopter tours with landing at the bottom

Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours with Landing at the Bottom

During a world-class Grand Canyon helicopter tour with landing, you will enjoy a thrilling descent 4,000 feet to the bottom of the canyon floor. GCSA offers multiple Grand Canyon helicopter tours that land at the bottom, giving you plenty of options to customize your adventure. Take a pontoon boat cruise along the Colorado River, visit the glass-bottomed Skywalk bridge, or soar over the Southwestern landscapes on a fixed-wing airplane.

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Land a Helicopter at the Bottom of the Grand Canyon

Experience the adrenaline rush of a lifetime as you descend almost a mile to the floor of the Grand Canyon West Rim. You’ll stand near the bank of the Colorado River and gaze up thousands of feet of ancient stone walls. At the West Rim, you can choose to pair your helicopter tour with a peaceful pontoon boat cruise along the Colorado River, skip the lines with a VIP pass to the world-famous Skywalk, soar over the Southwest on a fixed-wing airplane, hop on a luxurious motorcoach road trip from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon, and more.

A boat floating down the colorado among tall rock formationsGRAND VOYAGER
Departure: Las Vegas
Destination: Grand Canyon West
Duration: 7 hours
Starting from:
View of the Grand Canyon from the Hualapai River Runner Pontoon BoatWest Rim Motorcoach with Helicopter and Boat
Departure: Las Vegas
Destination: Grand Canyon West
Duration: 12 hours
Starting from:

Grand Canyon Landing Tour Highlights

Embark on an unforgettable adventure aboard a Grand Canyon helicopter tours landing at the bottom. Each of these helicopter tours from Las Vegas includes spectacular views and an unforgettable landing on the banks of the ancient Colorado River.

Grand Canyon Helicopter Landing Tour FAQs

Discover Grand Canyon helicopter tours with landing at the bottom
Do helicopters land in the Grand Canyon?

Absolutely! Our helicopter tours have access to an exclusive landing site on the canyon floor. We offer a number of helicopter tours that descend 4,000 feet to land at the bottom of the Grand Canyon West Rim.

How much is a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon with landing?

The cost of each Grand Canyon helicopter tour is conveniently listed online. Our low online prices include all taxes, fees, and surcharges. We pride ourselves on being transparent, so the rate we quote you is the rate you will pay. No guesswork involved.

What do you wear on a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon?

Not sure what to wear? Layered clothing is recommended through the months of March to September, and winter clothing should be worn from October to mid-March.

We recommend wearing sensible shoes like hiking boots or sneakers on all helicopter tours as well. The ground at destinations like the Grand Canyon is rough, rocky, and uneven. It is important to wear sturdy, toe-covering shoes that can handle the rough terrain.

How safe are Grand Canyon helicopter tours?

Safety is our top priority. We are proud to fly the most advanced tour helicopters available and are fully certified by the Tour Operators Program of Safety (TOPS). From our management team to our flight crew and ground support staff, our entire team is dedicated to ensuring a safe and memorable experience during each Grand Canyon helicopter tour.

When flying with a TOPS-certified carrier like Grand Canyon Scenic Airlines, guests can be assured that they are touring with some of the safest and most highly trained professionals in the industry.

Learn more about GCSA's commitment to safety.

What is the best Grand Canyon helicopter landing tour?

There's a reason people have been choosing Grand Canyon Scenic Airlines' aerial sightseeing tours for over 90 years. With multiple world-class helicopter tours to choose from, there's plenty to choose from to create your dream Grand Canyon vacation.

Here are a few of the best Grand Canyon helicopter tours with landing at the bottom.