Fly Over the Canyon from Grand Canyon National Park

South Rim Airplane Tour

  • Destination: Grand Canyon South Rim
  • Duration: Approximately 40 - 45 minutes

Experience aerial views of the fantastic gorges and rock formations that have been carved by nature throughout the canyon walls. Enjoy breathtaking scenic views of the Zuni Corridor, Imperial Point, Confluence of the Colorado and Little Colorado River, Kaibab National Forest, and Kaibab Plateau.

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Scenic Canyon River Adventure

Airplane | Antelope Canyon | Water
  • Destination: Page, Arizona
  • Duration: Approximately 12 1/2 hours

A scenic airplane flight over remarkable landmarks including the Grand Canyon's Eastern Rim takes passengers to Page, Arizona - where a daylong adventure is about to begin! See the mystical Antelope Canyon and raft through Glen Canyon on a smooth water float trip.

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The Grand Canyon National Park - known as the South Rim - is the most visited area of the canyon for a reason. Here the monumental stone walls spread across the horizon as far as the eye can see. Over time, natural forces have chiselled away into the stone face to create stunning spires, window-like crevices, and towering bluffs that draw adventurous guests out to the edge of the rim. A mile below, the Colorado River (the primary creator of the canyon) still powerfully rushes between the stone walls. These remarkable elements are what draw over 5 million visitors from around the world journey to the South Rim each year.

Your visit to the Grand Canyon National Park should not be limited to seeing these views from the ground only. Board a state-of-the-art airplane and take to the skies on a magical 45-minute tour through the canyon. Sights of the Zuni Corridor - two narrowly-spaced stone walls creating a sort of natural hallway, Imperial Point - a near-perfect stone pillar rising from the canyon wall, and Kaibab National Forest are all visible from your extra-large window. The lush ponderosa pines are a sight to behold thriving amidst the desert landscape. If you're lucky, might even spot an elk, a mountain lion, or a black bear from your plane window. Your aerial tour will show you aspects of the world-famous South Rim that far surpass what can be seen from the ground or in film, and Scenic Airlines is excited have you on board.