Exploring Grand Canyon West Rim

The Skywalk Bridge offers mid-air views of the Grand Canyon West Rim.

Located between Las Vegas and the South Rim lies the Grand Canyon West. You’ll experience one-of-a-kind, guardrail-free vistas at Eagle Point and Guano Point. Beyond the unbelievable grandeur of the landscape, you can also explore the deep-rooted culture of the Hualapai tribe, discover their traditional dwellings, and enjoy tribal performances.

Most visitors to the Grand Canyon have the opportunity to stand on the edge and gaze across the expanse. However, perhaps the most unique way to view the canyon is from the bottom. Only at the West Rim can visitors access the canyon floor. Here, you'll see the Colorado River flowing up close and the 4000-foot high stone walls rising on either side of you. Scenic Airlines' West Rim helicopter tours are ready to take you on a daring flight to the bottom of the canyon so you too can experience this once-in-a-lifetime view.

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