Views of the Grand Canyon's south rim from an airplane, including the colorado river

Grand Discovery Air Tour - Grand Canyon Air Tour

The South Rim landscape stretching across the horizon is a sight most only dream to see; however, there's only so much you can see when touring the Grand Canyon National Park on foot. If you're visiting the South Rim, this airplane tour is a sightseeing opportunity you cannot miss. You'll discover the canyon walls from above and the Colorado River winding between, as well as the lush Kaibab Forest surrounding the park.

Departure: Grand Canyon National Park

Destination: Grand Canyon

Duration: 40 - 45 Minutes

Transportation: Airplane

Upgrades Available: Two

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Your vacation to Grand Canyon National Park is sure to be an exciting and unforgettable experience, though ground tours allow you to see a only portion of all this magnificent canyon has to offer. Scenic Airlines recommends to first-time visitors and returning guests this memorable aerial tour showing the incredible depth of the Grand Canyon as well as the surrounding natural beauty of the park. Fly over notable South Rim features including Zuni Corridor, Point Imperial, the Confluence of the Colorado River and the little Colorado, Kaibab Plateau, and the lush greenery of the Kaibab National Forest.

Your touring aircraft will be equipped with heat and air-conditioning as well as cushioned seating for a comfortable and relaxing flight. Each passenger will also have access to noise-cancelling headphones that provide music and tour narration in 16 languages. Perhaps the most impressive feature on each aircraft are the high fixed wings that ensure obstruction-free sightseeing and photography. This 45-minute airborne excursion enables you to discover the true magnificence of the Grand Canyon with plenty of time for ground exploration along the rim after your return to the terminal.

  • Scenic Flight of the Grand Canyon National Park
  • Aerial Views of Zuni Corridor, Point Imperial, Kaibab National Forest, and More
  • Climate-controlled Cabin
  • Narration in 16 languages

Flight Duration

40 - 45 minutes


Passengers must arrive at Grand Canyon South airport 30 minutes prior to departure for check-in.


Round trip aerial flight time is approximately 40 - 45 minutes. Once in the air, you will have picture-perfect viewing of the Zuni Corridor, Imperial Point, Confluence of the Colorado, Little Colorado River, Kaibab National Forest, and Kaibab Plateau.

Available Upgrades
Guests on a Buck Wild branded Hummer in front of the Grand Canyon South Rim.
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Explore the canyon further on a ground excursion aboard an open-air Hummer.

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The sun shining through the window of a customized Buck Wild Hummer.
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Traverse the canyon in a custom Hummer, just in time to watch the sunset.

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