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A section of the Colorado River called Horseshoe Bend, seen from above from an airplane tour.

Tours from Page, Arizona over Horseshoe Bend and Antelope Canyon

The city of Page is situated in the northeast region of Arizona, a 5-hour drive from both Phoenix, Arizona and Las Vegas. What was initially temporary housing for the Glen Canyon Dam construction crew has since become a thriving young community surrounded by a vast sandstone landscape. Visitors to Page will be a short distance from Lake Powell. This manmade reservoir offers an astounding 2,000 miles of shoreline as well as boating and watersports, making it a popular summer vacation spot for locals and tourists alike. Away from the sunbathers and boaters, isolated along the coast of Lake Powell, is one of the most remarkable feats of nature: Rainbow Bridge. This massive natural stone arch - the largest in the world - was eroded away over the course of millions of years by rushing river water caused by heavy rains. Nature will also inevitably cause the collapse of this magnificent arch, but is an incredible sight to see while it is still standing strong.

Member of the Dine tribe in stunning Antelope CanyonAntelope Canyon with Horseshoe Bend Air Tour

Soar above Horseshoe Bend and take in the mystical sights of Antelope Canyon with this unique tour package. The airplane tour sets off above Lake Powell and its nearly 2000 miles of shoreline before overflying world famous Horseshoe Bend and, finally, adventuring through sandstone wonder of Antelope Canyon.

Duration: 2 hours
Starting from:
Aerial view of Rainbow BridgeOver the Rainbow and Lake Powell

Experience Rainbow Bridge, a gravity-defying structure carved by nature over millions of years. This airplane tour provides aerial views of the fantastic stone arch and the sparkling waters of Lake Powell.

Duration: 30 minutes
Starting from:
Horseshoe Bend as seen on an air tour of Lake PowellHorseshoe Bend and Lake Powell Adventures

Originating at our terminal in Page, AZ, this air tour is perfect for visitors who are short on time or who simply want to see the area's incredible sights from the air.

Duration: 35 minutes
Starting from:

The shimmering blue waters of Lake Powell are beautiful to see when sunbathing on the beach, but it is even more fantastic when viewed from the sky. Page also houses a terminal for Scenic Airlines' air tours.

Take time from your Arizona vacation to experience our Over the Rainbow & Lake Powell tour. This airplane tour features a climate-controlled cabin and narration of the sights below. From the air, Lake Powell will spread as far as the eye can see and passengers will find Rainbow Bridge in a way that simply cannot be seen from the ground.

Your trip to Arizona will be one to remember when you experience the incredible majesty of Rainbow Bridge and the wild desert beauty that surrounds it.