Top of Hoover Dam with Traffic

Tours including Hoover Dam

While most of our air and ground tours include views of Hoover Dam we do have a selection of options that include a tour of the dam's internal areas.

Ground Tours with Hoover Dam
Intake towers as seen from Arizona sideHoover Dam Bus Tour

Travel on a first-class motorcoach to one of the engineering marvels of the USA: the Hoover Dam. Stand at the top of this mammoth construction and gaze down 700 feet, then explore the inner-workings of this electrical powerhouse on a guided tour.

Duration: 4 hours 30 minutes
Starting from:
A red AStar Helicopter flying over the Hoover Dam, dark blue waters below. Hoover Dam Deluxe Bus And Helicopter Tour

Experience Hoover Dam with this comprehensive tour that allows you to walk along the top of the dam, explore its inner workings, and then view it by air with a breathtaking helicopter tour.

Duration: 7 hours 30 minutes
Airplane Tours that include views of Hoover Dam
Grand Canyon Scenic Airlines plane over Grand CanyonVisionary Air Tour

Soar across the expanse of the Mojave Desert to the Grand Canyon's West Rim in a first-rate aircraft. Sights of the Hoover Dam, the glittering waters of Lake Mead, and the Colorado River are just outside the cabin windows.

Duration: 4 hours
Starting from:
A couple poses at the Grand Canyon National Park.Grand Canyon Deluxe

Our most popular Grand Canyon air tour! See the massive expanse of the South Rim canyon gorges, their mile-deep striped canyon walls recognizable worldwide.

Duration: 9 hours 30 minutes
Starting from:
with 8 guests
Guests walking up to a Tent on top of a Grand Canyon cliff formation at Grand Canyon West RimGrand Canyon West Indian Adventure Landing Tour

Discover the mystique of the ancient Hualapai Tribe at the Grand Canyon West. You'll see the unique vistas on an exciting airplane tour, wander the canyon's edge on foot, and even visit the Native American Cultural Village.

Duration: 7 hours
Starting from:
A boat floating down the colorado among tall rock formations Grand Voyager Expedition

Discover the most unique views of the canyon from the air, land, and water! Fly via airplane to the West Rim, where a helicopter will take passengers a mile down to the canyon floor for a boat ride down the Colorado River. Ample time is provided to see the canyon views from the rim, as well.

Duration: 7 hours
People on Skywalk above the Grand Canyon West RimGrand Voyager Expedition & Skywalk

Experience tours from Las Vegas by airplane, boat, and helicopter! This adventure also includes access to the world-famous Skywalk Bridge for the most exciting sightseeing experience available.

Duration: 7 hours
Guests standing on a steel and glass arch, far above the canyon floor. Eagle Point is behind them.Grand Canyon West Indian Adventure Landing Tour & Skywalk

With our Grand Canyon Skywalk tour, walk on air and experience freedom like never before as you step onto the glass bridge extending out over the Canyon at 4,000 feet above the ground.

Duration: 7 hours
Starting from: