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While many people in the travel community may not be familiar with Page, AZ, the nearby natural attractions are some of the most in-demand destinations of the American Southwest. Antelope Canyon, Horseshoe Bend, and Rainbow Bridge bring thousands of visitors to the area every year. Our terminal in Page, AZ is the launch point for our expeditions and air tours of these stunning natural monuments.

Antelope Canyon is a coveted destination for photographers and sightseers alike, and it’s easy to see why. Almost completely invisible from the outside, visitors enter into a naturally-formed hallway of smooth, sandstone walls and soft, sandy floors. The canyon walls rise to narrow openings, letting small beams of light through and giving the canyon an enclosed feel. Most photographs of the canyon feature the beams of sunlight that this canyon is so well known for. The lighting changes with the movement of the sun, and each time of day seems to deliver a fresh perspective and experience.

Horseshoe Bend is a natural curve formed by the flow of the Colorado River. Surrounded by massive canyon walls, visitors can walk to the edge and gaze into the emerald water below. A 1000-foot rock formation rises from the center of the bend and adds to the stunning view. This attraction is known for crowds, making air tours an ideal way to experience Horseshoe Bend in a more private way. Our flights also provide unique photo opportunities not available from the ground.

Rainbow Bridge is a massive stone arch carved by an ancient river that has long since dried up. Standing 250 feet high, it’s the tallest, natural-stone bridge in existence. The bridge captivates the interest of photographers, sightseers and backpackers every year. Our flights provide visitors with an aerial view of the bridge that offers perspectives that can’t be seen from the ground.

In addition to these landmarks, our tours also provide visitors with aerial views of Lake Powell, the second-largest, man-made reservoir in the United States.


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