Fly Over the Canyon from Grand Canyon West Rim

Native Explorer Tour With Legacy

Airplane | Stand on the Edge
  • Destination: Grand Canyon West
  • Duration: At Customer's Discretion

Discover unbelievable aerial views of the canyon by adding an airplane tour to your trip to the West Rim. Afterwards, board a state-of-the-art motorcoach so you can see viewpoints like Eagle Point and Guano Point up close and personally.

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While it may not draw the audiences that the South Rim does, the West Rim still pulls an impressive 600,000-visitor average. The serene and untouched desert land feels almost is if one has travelled back in time to the Wild West. Here you will have opportunity to see unique rock structures and viewpoints that can be found nowhere else in the canyon. Before spending the day exploring on foot, start your West Rim adventure with an aerial tour. Scenic Airlines will bring you over these exquisite canyon landmarks in a luxury Vistaliner airplane. This aircraft features a climate-controlled cabin and is designed with enlarged windows for picture-taking and headset narration in 16 languages. Aerial sights on this tour include the Colorado River, Guano Point - a narrow bluff that juts out into the middle of the canyon, and the most revered landmark in the West Rim: Eagle Point. This naturally-carved area of the canyon wall bears a striking resemblance to a massive eagle spreading its wings in flight. The vision of this ancient Southwest landscape from the sky is truly indescribable.

After landing, your West Rim tour continues on foot. Scenic's complimentary shuttles will transport passengers to each lookout point seen on the tour for another look from the ground. Get an up-close view of Eagle Point by standing atop the magnificent Skywalk. This astounding piece of architecture is known around the world for its gravity-defying cantilever bridge. Located across the canyon from Eagle Point, the Skywalk allows guests to walk out 70 feet in the air and gaze through the glass floor a mile down to the Colorado River. Next, walk down the stone peninsula at Guano Point and stand in the center of the canyon surrounded on all sides by ancient rock walls. Explore the Native American cultural center or take the shuttle to Hualapai Ranch for some Old West entertainment. Let Scenic Airlines turn your trip to the West Rim into an unforgettable outdoor adventure.