Two Twin Otters parked at sunset at the Boulder City terminal, where Las Vegas air tours depart daily.

Search Tour Flights to Grand Canyon & Beyond

Soar through the Southwestern skies on a flight to Grand Canyon National Park, Grand Canyon West, Las Vegas, or Page in Arizona. Bring yourself, your luggage, and your sense of adventure on airtour flights to these world-renowned destinations. Simply select your desired departure location and destination to discover available flights and pricing.

Why People Love Flying with Grand Canyon Scenic Airlines

The Southwest contains some of the most famous and scenic destinations in the world like: Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon, and more. You can trust you're in good hands when flying with Grand Canyon Scenic Airlines. For over 90 years, we've been safely transporting guests to the Grand Canyon and beyond. Here are just a few of the reasons to fly with GCSA. 

Tour Flights to Multiple Southwestern Destinations

Flights Departing from Las Vegas

Imagine exploring world-famous destinations like the Grand Canyon or Antelope Canyon a mere hour after stepping out of your Las Vegas hotel and into an awaiting shuttle. With GCSA, you can do just that.

Escape the hustle and bustle of Las Vegas and experience the serenity of the outdoors. We offer one-way tour flights from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon National Park, Grand Canyon West, and Page in Arizona.

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Flights Departing from the Grand Canyon South Rim

Are you already planning a trip to the Grand Canyon National Park? Enhance your adventure with a flight out of our South Rim Grand Canyon airport terminal. From the Grand Canyon South Rim, you can hop on a quick flight to experience the neon signs and casino lights of Las Vegas. Want to continue your outdoor explorations instead? Fly to Page, Arizona to explore scenic natural landmarks like Antelope Canyon, Horseshoe Bend, and Lake Powell.

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Flights Departing from the Grand Canyon West Rim

Famous sites like the Grand Canyon Skywalk, Eagle Point, Guano Point, and Hualapai Ranch drive over a million people to the Grand Canyon West each year. If you’re already planning a day trip to this side of the canyon, consider rounding out your adventure with a day in Las Vegas. In less than an hour, your flight will transport you from the canyon’s desert landscapes to the city lights in Vegas.

Flights Departing from Page, Arizona

The city of Page, Arizona is famous for scenic destinations like Horseshoe Bend, Lake Powell, Antelope Canyon, and Rainbow Bridge. Page, Arizona and Las Vegas are on opposite sides of the Grand Canyon from each other. To make the drive, you’d need at least four and a half hours. With a GCSA airplane flight, you can be in Las Vegas in a fraction of the time. More interested in visiting the Grand Canyon? Catch a flight to the Grand Canyon South Rim to explore all the incredible sights that the National Park has to offer.

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Two Twin Otters parked at sunset at the Boulder City terminal, where Las Vegas air tours depart daily.

Tour Flight FAQs

Are flights a safe way to travel?

Absolutely! We meticulously inspect our equipment and hire professionally trained and certified pilots to ensure a smooth travel experience. Our vigilant pilots and employees, along with our ever-increasing standards, are the reason for our impeccable safety record and reputation.

Which destinations does Grand Canyon Scenic Airlines fly to?

We offer daily flights to and from the following destinations.

  • Grand Canyon National Park
  • Grand Canyon West Rim
  • Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Page, Arizona
Can I bring luggage on my airline flight?

Yes! You can bring luggage with you on your Grand Canyon Scenic Airlines flight. Each passenger can check luggage up to 25 lbs per bag with a limit of 50 lbs total. 

Additional luggage information includes:

  • 25lbs per bag with a limit of 50 lbs total for all checked bags per person.
  • A flat charge of $25 will be added if luggage exceeds these limits.
  • Baggage CANNOT exceed 150 lbs.
  • We cannot transport baggage/luggage as cargo without passengers traveling.
Do you offer hotel transfers to flight terminals?

If you are taking a flight departing from Las Vegas, feel free to hop on our shuttle service to the airport. We offer pick-up from most major hotels in Downtown Las Vegas and on the Strip.

We do not offer pick-up or drop-off for Page or Grand Canyon departures.

What are the best days to book a tour flight?

Hop on a tour flight any day of the week. Flights to and from Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon, and Page in Arizona operate year round. 

We do encourage our customers to book online in advance to take advantage of our best pricing.

Can you guarantee or assign seating on the flight?

Comfort is key, and picking the perfect seat is an important part of that. We can take general seat requests, such as window vs. aisle, whenever possible. Seating is first-come, first-serve. We recommend checking in for your flight 30-45 minutes early for the best chance of getting your seat preference.

However, safety is our top priority. When seating our guests, we also take weight distribution into consideration to ensure a safe and balanced aircraft.

Learn more about our dedication to aircraft and passenger safety.