Lodging at the Grand Canyon National Park

Written By: Sabrina Taylor
June 27, 2018
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The Grand Canyon National Park, referred to colloquially as the South Rim, is by far the most developed region of the Grand Canyon. The South Rim offers so many different opportunities for sightseeing, exploring, even shopping and nearby entertainment that is extremely difficult to experience it all in just a day. Because of this, the park has become an increasingly popular vacation destination for tourists around the world. Last year alone, the Grand Canyon National Park hosted over 6 million visitors. But fear not prospective canyon vacationers: the park offers a wealth of overnight accommodations ranging from rugged campsites to upscale hotel lodging and everything in-between. The historic Grand Canyon Village - located right along the canyon rim - contains many legendary hotels as well as shops and restaurants. The huge selection of Grand Canyon hotels can be absolutely daunting when trying to plan that perfect trip, be it a family summer vacation or a romantic couples' getaway. Narrow down your search with this list of hotels located in the village and in the surrounding area.

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Grand Canyon Railway Hotel

Built in 1901, this updated hotel still maintains a powerful air of nostalgia, its architecture loyal to its Western whereabouts and its decor reminiscent of an antique hunting lodge. The Railway Hotel features nearly 300 rooms with wifi, as well as a restaurant, a pub, an indoor pool, and sits just walking distance from the historic Grand Canyon Railway. The train is still in operation today, offering daily service from Williams, Arizona to the Grand Canyon Depot, a little over a 2-hour journey each way.

235 N Grand Canyon Blvd, Williams, AZ 86046

Reservations: (928) 635-4010

Bright Angel Lodge

The Bright Angel Lodge is a beautiful accommodation located right on the rim of the canyon. Designed by famous American Southwest architect Mary Jane Colter, this historic dwelling has hosted guests for nearly 100 years. Discover preserved artifacts like postcards, photographs, and an authentic surrey carriage. Relax by the hearth of the magnificent fireplace designed to emulate the stacked geologic layers of the Grand Canyon. After a long day of exploring the sights, sit down for a meal at the lodge's family-style diner. For a fine dining experience, reserve a table at the Arizona Room. You will also find a Western saloon and a gift shop.

Bright Angel features 90 rooms ranging from cozy and historic to standard hotel-style. Several of the rooms offer fantastic views of the canyon landscape. The lodge also boasts several full cabins available for rent, notably the Buckey O'Neill Cabin - the oldest structure built on the South Rim - and the Red Horse Cabin. As one of the premiere accommodations in the canyon, Bright Angel Lodge is regularly at full capacity so booking in advance is imperative.

9 North Village Loop Drive, Grand Canyon, AZ 86023

Reservations: (928) 638-2631

El Tovar Hotel

Within the Grand Canyon Village Historic District, the El Tovar hotel is the epitome of luxury. Opened in 1905, this world-class hotel was considered by elite society to be the most elegant hotel in the West. Some of its historic visitors include Theodore Roosevelt - a lifelong lover of the canyon, Albert Einstein, Paul McCartney, and Bill Clinton. Today its blend of rustic ambience and elaborate European architecture gives guests a taste of the evolution of the hotel throughout the century.

There are 78 rooms within the El Tovar, including 12 suites. Because of the many renovations the hotel underwent, no two rooms are identical. Each suite also boasts its own theme and decor to match. A choice few even offer breathtaking views of the canyon just outside. Booking in advance is highly recommended and necessary for the rooms offering canyon views.

After touring the canyon, reserve a table at the hotel's first rate dining room. Chefs combine natural products from El Tovar's own farm to create exquisite creations for their diners to enjoy. Guests can also relax in the lounge for an evening cocktail and browse the offerings of the extensive wine list. Perhaps the most impressive feature of the hotel is the view from the balcony, just a mere 20 feet from the Grand Canyon's edge.

While its high demand makes it necessary to book well into the future, a stay at the El Tovar is well worth the advanced planning. Nowhere else at the canyon can one experience rustic opulence like this hotel. When it comes to luxury destinations at the Grand Canyon, the El Tovar hotel is the final word.

1 El Tovar Road, Grand Canyon, AZ 86023

Reservations: (928) 638-2631

Thunderbird Lodge

The Thunderbird Lodge features contemporary architecture and amenities. It is the ideal spot for guests looking for a modern twist on their stay in the the Historic District. This mid-century construction sits gracefully at the edge of the canyon, offering a fantastic view - even partially visible from some of the rooms. All rooms are similar in size and feature large televisions with satellite cable as well as WiFi.

Located in the center of the historic district, the Thunderbird Lodge is just a short walk from the other hotels and dining rooms, and of course the Grand Canyon itself. In fact, just a quick walk from the hotel are both the Kolb Studio and the Lookout Studio. These two historic photography studios have provided perfect views of the canyon's expanse for over 100 years. The Thunderbird is also next to the Rim Trail, which offers a nearly 13-mile hike for active guests. Those looking for shorter hikes can make a 2-mile trip to the Yavapai Geology Museum or just 1 mile to the Trail View Overlook. The trails lead to further lookout points like Mather Point and Yavapai Point, where phenomenal views of the Grand Canyon are to be seen - especially at sunrise and sunset.

The Thunderbird Lodge is a perfect destination for those looking to experience the majesty of the Grand Canyon while still enjoying a modern ambiance.

7 North Village Loop Drive, Grand Canyon, AZ 86023

Reservations: (928) 638-2631

Kachina Lodge

Centrally located in the Grand Canyon Village, Kachina Lodge offers a modern touch to the historic district. The hotel, built in the 1960s, still boasts its modernist architecture today - though the rooms have been updated with satellite TV and other modern amenities. Likely the most sought-after aspect of the Kachina Lodge are the rooms facing the Grand Canyon, offering a spectacular view from your own window. If you stay at the Kachina, you'll be near everything: souvenir shops, various restaurants, the Kolb studio, and of course - the canyon rim.

Guests checking in for the Kachina Lodge must do so at the El Tovar Hotel.

5 North Village Loop Drive

Grand Canyon, AZ 86023

Reservations: (928) 638-2631

Yavapai Lodge

Yavapai Lodge offers cozy accommodations as well as several dining options onsite. You can stop at the Yavapai Lodge Restaurant for Western-inspired barbecue dishes or relax at the tavern and enjoy a local beer or some appetizers. There's even a coffee shop for guests to get a head start on their morning before sightseeing. The lodging here is divided into East and West buildings: the Yavapai Lodge East offering air-conditioned rooms, while the West uses ceiling fans. It is also important to note that the Yavapai Lodge West building offers pet-friendly rooms! Yavapai Lodge is just a short distance from the Grand Canyon Village and just a mile from the canyon's edge.

11 Yavapai Lodge Rd, Grand Canyon Village, AZ 86023

Reservations: (877) 404-4611

Grand Canyon Lodge

Nestled in the most remote and wild region of the National Park, the Grand Canyon Lodge North Rim offers guests a more quiet stay than the bustling hotels at the South Rim. Though it is a rugged and historic construction, the Grand Canyon Lodge is the only fully-developed lodging available in the North Rim. Guests can stay in the hotel or choose from several cozy cabins surrounded by lush forests of ponderosa pines. Here the canyon is at its highest altitude and is much cooler in temperature. From the lodge guests can view the North Kaibab Trail, Bright Angel Creek, and of course the canyon itself. Relax in the Sun Room, situated specifically to offer a perfect view of the sprawling canyon walls. Later, enjoy a meal in the Dining Room with the canyon's rim just outside the wall-to-wall windows. Demand for a seat in the Dining Room is high and advanced reservations are necessary.

Grand Canyon National Park, AZ-67, North Rim, AZ 86023

Reservations: (877) 386-4383

Open Season Calls (May - October): 928-638-2611

Off-Season Calls (November - April): 928-645-6865

Reservations: 877-386-4383

Intl: 480-337-1320

Phantom Ranch

Phantom Ranch is the only lodging to be found at the bottom of the canyon. While the lodge was built in the 1920s, the land was occupied by Native Americans as early as 1050 BCE, as evidenced by ceremonial kivas and the remains of ancient dwellings have been uncovered in the area. Architect Mary Jane Colter designed the lodge to mimic the massive stone walls of the canyon using rock excavated from the area. The rugged rock face of this lodge provides the perfect camouflage to blend the building into the canyon backdrop; Perhaps this is the reason Colter chose the name “Phantom Ranch”.

This exclusive and remote lodge can only be reached by hiking, mule ride, or on a boat or raft. The hike to Phantom Ranch is between 7.5-10 miles, and temperature in the canyon's Inner Gorge can reach as high as 120°F (48°C). Phantom Ranch accommodates hikers in men's and women's dormitories and other guests in small cabins. In its commitment to providing a nature-focused experience, the ranch has no modern amenities aside from heat and air conditioning. Phantom Ranch is one of the most high-demand lodging options in the Grand Canyon area. Its limited cabins and dormitory space requires prospective guests to make reservations up to a year or more in advance. A bed at the Phantom Ranch is well worth the wait, though; to sleep at the bottom of the canyon is an opportunity very few will ever experience.

Grand Canyon National Park Backcountry Reservations Office

PO Box 129, Grand Canyon, AZ 86023

Reservations within the US: 888-29-PARKS (888-297-2757)

Reservations Outside the US: 303-29-PARKS (303-297-2757)

Lodging Outside the National Park

Canyon Plaza Resort Grand Canyon

406 Canyon Plaza Ln, Grand Canyon Village, AZ 86023

(928) 638-2673

Red Feather Lodge

300 AZ-64, Grand Canyon Village, AZ 86023

(928) 638-2414

Holiday Inn Express & Suites Grand Canyon

226 AZ-64, Grand Canyon Village, AZ 86023

(928) 638-3000

The Grand Hotel at the Grand Canyon

149 AZ-64, Grand Canyon Village, AZ 86023

(928) 638-3333

Best Western Premier Grand Canyon Squire Inn

74 AZ-64, Grand Canyon Village, AZ 86023

(928) 638-2681

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