A North Canyon landscape surrounded by desert brush and foliage.

Grand Canyon North Rim Activities and Tours

Activites and Tours

Mule Tours

Trek through the canyon the way explorers did almost 150 years ago - on the back of a mule! Canyon Trail Rides, a family-run business, conducts mule tours through the canyon along the North Kaibab trail. There are a variety of tours available, from 1 hour rides to daylong excursions. Prices range between $15 and $95 per person. Bear in mind that tours operate from May to October and that longer tours have certain age requirements.

To make reservations during the season, call: (928) 638-9875 or during the off-season, call: (801) 679-8665.


The North Rim boasts a variety of trails and roads bordering the canyon. A variety of trails and roads border the North Rim of the canyon and encourage bicycle use by guests. This area of the canyon does not offer bicycle rentals; However, nearby retail establishment Kaibab Adventure Outfitters (located in Moab, Utah) carry all biking and camping equipment and even offer van-based bike tours.

Information regarding trail and road biking availability can be obtained through Kaibab Plateau Visitor Center at (928) 643-7298.

Cross-Country Skiing

Although Kaibab Lodge's Nordic ski program is no longer in operation, skiing is still an option. Guests can park near the South end of Jacob Lake at the Hwy 67 gate, then ski into the park. Please note that a backcountry permit is required to ski in this area.

For information on how to obtain a permit, contact the Backcountry Office at (928) 638-7875.

Places to Visit

North Rim Visitor Center

Open daily from 8 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Visitor Center provides exhibits and information and times for nature walks and children's programs.

Information: (928) 638-7864

Grand Canyon Lodge

The Lodge offers the only accommodations within the North Rim. It also features a rustic restaurant, gift shop, and Old West general store, post office, and a saloon. Also nearby is an operational service station.

Information: (928) 638-2631

Bright Angel Point

A short half-mile foot trail guides guests to splendid viewpoints like Roaring Springs Canyon, Transept Canyon, and Bright Angel Canyon. Along the way, guests will find authentic ancient shell fossils trapped within the Kaibab limestone.

Kaibab Visitor Center

Open daily from 8am - 5pm.

Located at Jacob lake, Kaibab Visitor Center houses educational exhibits, maps, and a 3D model of the Grand Canyon, as well as detailed information about the Kaibab National Forest. Open daily from 8am - 5pm.

Information: (928) 643-7298

Scenic Driving Tours

Cape Royal Scenic Drive

This 23-mile scenic drive along the Cape Royal Road leads to some of the most beautiful views of the North Rim. Find rare sights of the canyon like Point Imperial, a naturally-eroded stone pillar rising from the gorge. Other lookout points along the way include Vista Encantada, Roosevelt Point, Walhalla Overlook, and Angel's Window - quite literally a stone window carved by nature. Each point provides a unique perspective of the Grand Canyon's North Rim, but none so splendid as Cape Royal. Elevated at an astonishing 7,865 feet, this massive plateau gives a nearly 360-degree panorama view of the canyon.

North Rim Trails

Trails vary in length and difficulty. When planning to hike the canyon, it is important to research the trails ahead of time, choosing one that matches your skill level, the amount of time you plan to hike, and weather conditions that could potentially endanger hikers.

Visit the park's website for help planning your hiking adventure.

Transept Trail

A quick mile and a half in length, this trail takes hikers through ponderosa pines and quaking aspens and offers canyon views between the Grand Canyon Lodge and Cottonwood Campground.

Cape Final Trail

This 3-mile trail courses comparatively flat ground and is easier for novice hikers, children, and elderly. Views of the northern canyon and Juno Temple await at the end of this leisurely path.

Cliff Springs Trail

Hike a half-mile in either direction across the rocky terrain of the Walhalla Plateau. Along the way hikers will even find the ruins of an ancient Pueblo granary.

Ken Patrick Trail

A hike on the Ken Patrick Trail is a 20-mile adventure! Find fantastic sights of the canyon rim and of the Nankoweap Creek drainages.

Uncle Jim Trail

Named for a local game warden who lived at the turn of the century, this 10-mile trail puts sights of Bright Angel Point, Roaring Springs and the North Kaibab Trail Canyons on display for hikers.

Widforss Trail

Considered by many to be the most beautiful footpath in the park, Widforss Trail boasts views of 5 canyon temples: Zoroaster, Brahma, Deva, Buddha, and Manu. This trail is named in honor of landscape painted Gunnar Widforss, who frequently captured the stunning land in his work.

Walhalla Ruins

Just 100 yards from the Walhalla Overlook lie ancient pueblo ruins once occupied by the Kayenta Anasazi. These early people farmed hundreds of acres of land near the Canyon rim before 1150 A.D.

North Kaibab Trail

A demanding 14.4-mile excursion, the North Kaibab Trail winds and twists sharply, gradually dropping 5,850 feet down to the Colorado River. Hikers that can make the descent will be treated to incredible sights along the way, including Roaring Springs and Bright Angel Canyon.

Western and Eastern Kaibab Plateau Trails

Located just north of Bright Angel Point, the Kaibab Plateau borders the North Rim and the Kaibab National Forest. Teeming with a diverse wilderness and phenomenal views of Grand Canyon territory, enthusiastic hikers will enjoy exploring both the Eastern and Western Kaibab Plateau Trails.

Kaibab Plateau Visitor Center Information: (928) 643-7298.


140 miles west of the North Rim hikers will find the sharp cliffs of the Toroweap Overlook. Here the sheer walls that gave the Grand Canyon its acclaim are in plain view from your hiking trail. This location also offers trails that descend to the river near Lava Falls.

Information: Toroweap Ranger Station (928) 716-2843