Here is a quick comparison of the different areas of the Grand Canyon for tours:

Fast Facts Grand Canyon National Park Grand Canyon West
Ownership / Management Grand Canyon National Park Hualapai American Indians
Elevation 7,000 feet 2,134 meters 4,800 feet 1,463 meters
Rim to Floor depth 5,000 feet 1,524 meters 3,800 feet 1,158 meters
Distance across gorge 10-18 miles 16-29 km 2-3 miles 3-5 kilometers
Rim Temperature average 80° F summer 20° C summer 95° F summer 35° C summer
  50° F winter 10° C winter 55° F winter 13° C winter
Inner gorge temperature 100° F summer 38° C summer 108° F summer 42° C summer
  60° F winter 15° C winter 60° F winter 15° C winter
Visitation per year average 5 million people 200,000 people
Distance from Las Vegas by car 5.5 hours by car 3.5 hours
  by airplane 1 hr 15 min by airplane 45 min
  by helicopter unable by helicopter 1 hour
Description The South Rim of the Grand Canyon National Park is the most famous and most visited area of the Park. The South Rim is the usually the "picture on all the postcards" because it is the widest part of the Grand Canyon and we offer many Grand Canyon South Rim tours from Las Vegas for you to experience its beauty. The South Rim offers activities such as mule rides, hiking trails, helicopter and airplane flights. As beautiful and awe-inspiring as the South Rim is, the summer months can be very crowded. Grand Canyon West offers  a rustic adventure type experience of the Grand Canyon with optional trips including Grand Canyon airplane tours, helicopters, boat rides and ATVs. Although Grand Canyon West does not offer the dramatic vistas of the South Rim, the West Rim has a more rugged and authentic feel of the Canyon including a culture American Indian experience. At the West Rim, you can get below the Rim by helicopter and take a boat ride on the Colorado
Most Popular Tour Grand Canyon Connoisseur Grand Voyager
Sightseeing Activities Plane flights, helicopter flights, train rides, mule & horseback riding, river float trips Plane flights, helicopter flights, river float trips, ATV tours, Hualapai Indian cultural experience
Sporting Activities Hiking, camping, backpacking, backcountry, fishing Hiking, fishing, big game hunting